About Us

We are a Canadian online store located outside of Calgary, AB. As we do not have a storefront, we are able to offer lower prices on our items.

My partner, a.k.a, my mother and I both started quilting about 15 years ago after my two aunts told us how much we would love it. At the time we both very much had our doubts!

My mother started quilting one or two years before me and swore after her first baby quilt that she would never do it again. Then she thought, "well maybe one more" and did a sampler. After that she was hooked and is now retired quilting and long arming in her free time.

I too would tease my aunts and mother for quilting. Then my mother dragged me to the local quilt store and I fell in love with some rag time Christmas stockings. I knew the basics of sewing so thought "I will just make these". Those 4 stockings turned into a rag quilt for my dog, which turned into an addiction, which has now turned into the both of us owning and operating our very own online quilt store.

We both love learning new things and in the world of quilting, that is never ending.

Welcome to Quilt Generations! We hope you find something special for your next project!